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I’ve never been one who frequents the gym as I prefer competitive sports over fitness training.  Over the years, I’ve always had a hard time staying committed whenever it comes to working out at a gym.  With Playground.Fit, they have really changed my perception of fitness training through the various  workout routines as well as their versatility in customizing program that works for me.   Most importantly, they bring results!  I’ve achieved more in the past 8 months than I was in Years. I’ve never felt better. I owe it all to my Trainer who has been putting in the time and dedication in leading me through the past months as well as Playground.Fit for providing the platform.

Meet the coach


PETITE FIREBREATHER | @shermaine.juju


Tiny in stature, big on adventure. A competitive athlete in CrossFit within the region and a sought after Performance Coach, she has what it takes to propel your physique and performance to new heights. Her signature program is one that will best suit trainees looking for perfect lifting techniques while getting into the best shape of their lives. She can flex, she can split and she can surely stretch your boundaries.

Adventurous Explorer. Artistic Director. Perpetual Giggler.