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Being active was never a problem for me, I’m used to working out 4-5 times per week. Before Playground, my workouts were mostly cardio/HIIT based and only got introduced to weight training 4 years ago when I was based in Singapore. Back then, I’ve always felt intimidated to just walk into a gym and start lifting weights. After I got back for good and one fine day, I went to Playground and joined one of their group classes that was conducted by Perli. Had a chat with her and one thing she said got me thinking. I will never forget our convo and thanks to her, she opened up my mind further and there’s so much more to gain! Long story short, I needed to up my game. Who says women can’t or shouldn’t lift heavy?
Love the coaches in The Playground, they inspire others, walk the talk and no bullshit. Most of all, my heart goes out to Perli as she has inspired me in so many ways – I mean c’mon, have you seen her physique? That’s one hell of a motivation! 
Perli also knows what I need and caters a programme for me that has brought so much results in just 3 months! I’ve never felt stronger! It has given me a reason why and knowing my why, I always walk in to training at Playground with my game on, nothing less. I’m still in a learning curve and I know I’ve so much more to learn from Perli and the coaches at Playground. Two things for sure, you can only get stronger and better. Stick to the plan and follow the programme. Don’t fuck with it!

Meet the coach

Perli Pan

SPICY DARE DEVIL | @panperli


She lives by the mantra of women’s empowerment, self-love, strength and confidence through beauty. Specializes in strength training & body transformation, she is also a huge believer of physical and mental wellness. This daring go-getter believes that there is nothing our body can’t achieve, it’s our mind we have to convince. Perli is driven to push anyone out of their comfort zone. She’s sassy and spicy with colorful body art and she is certainly someone you can’t un-see.

Catalyst of Equality. Selfie Junkie. Coffee Lover.