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The Fitness Playbook – Chapter 7 – Finding joy in Joyce

Thank you for tuning in on our previous chapter of the Playbook – Where we don’t always PLAY by the book. We promise you content related to all things healthy, twice a month! Who says vegan can’t lift heavy ? Here’s is a perfect example of it ! Our sweetheart , @joyceeshih . She’s has been living her best life with the vegan lifestyle and still works out hard. She recently got certified as a pilates instructor ! What can this girl not do ? Watch this video to hear her story and if you are in the midst of transitioning , this would definitely be a big help ! Alternately , you can find her at for an informative filled page about the vegan lifestyle. Be sure to stay tune in to her top 3 recipe video that will be up soon! Tune in and find us at – Instagram –… See you guys same time in 2 weeks and happy weekend !