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The Fitness Playbook Chapter 5 – Mr SHIT to FIT (part 1)

Thank you for tuning in on our previous chapter of the Playbook – Where we don’t always PLAY by the book. We promise you content related to all things healthy, twice a month! We are so excited for this chapter in particular because this guy , @youjing1991 have came a long way with and we believe his transformation will definitely inspire many! From struggling with depression and escaping life with alcohol , now , he is fitter than ever ! Tune in to fine out how he did that . Remember , if you fail , you can always get back up no matter the circumstances. Be sure to tune in and find us at –… There will be a part 2 coming up so be sure not to miss it ! See you guys same time in 2 weeks for our mystery second guest ! Promise you wouldn’t want to miss it. Happy weekend!SHOW LESS