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What is included?

Don’t let the name make it sound like it’s for geeks only! This is to assess your brain which gives us tons of information about what type of training and nutrition plan suits you best.

Training and Food are information to the human body. A set of 10 reps or 60g of carbs might be interpreted differently by the brain of different individual.This is why some people make great progress and stay motivated on a program and some get injured and lose focus and desire on the same program.

A series of movements which determine how well your body moves as a whole and in isolation. By doing this, we gather valuable data to find out what is safe for you and what we need to work on together to make sure you reach your goals pain-free. This is absolutely crucial if you want to be fit and reduce risk of injury for as long as you are alive.
Another aspect of fitness we assess to make sure you have a nutrition plan designed for your body type and goals. This test will help you find out about the possible reasons behind lack of energy, not recovering well from stress and training, not losing fat/building muscle and etc.

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