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It’s a great honor to have Faith as my personal trainer. My strength is definitely getting stronger, and I’ve also seen improvement on my body itself. Apart from the training, Faith has been giving me the support to build up a disciplined lifestyle, whilst exploring some of the best coffees in the city. Most importantly, I’ve met some great people and a lovely community. The state-of-the-art facilities at The Playground, and a dedicated trainer, has elevated my lifestyle and self-improvement in all aspects.

Meet the coach

Faith Emmanuel

THE SILENT TORPEDO | @faithemmanuelbu



Faith is fated to be where he is today. If speed is his middle name, agility would definitely be his first. From Aircraft Technician to Body Technician aka Fitness Coach, this Middle Eastern raised kid may be confused about his origins but absolutely clear about his goals and passion. His transformation journey from fat to fit, is a writing material. Faith is tenacious and a firm believer in the power to change – he is one you can depend on to hit your goals. He thrives on passion, commitment and an “I CAN, I WILL!” attitude. Loves to laugh, sprint, lift weights and practice muaythai. He sparkles in everything that runs fitness.


Money Magnet. Coffee Aficionado. Homeboy.