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The Playground sets itself distinctively away from the rest with their awesome workout environment & well thought through programs that are tailor made specifically to your needs. With the constant diversity of workout routines that won’t make coming to the gym feel dreadful and magnificent guidance under Coach Kylee who is an exceptional, passionate, supportive and goal orientated trainer, have seen great results through my personalized sessions. Truly blessed to have discovered the great team of coaches and staff at Playground!!

Meet the coach






Kylee is an epitome of a warm brownie with a tinge of hot spice – her warm smile and sweet demeanor never fail to fool the foolish. She’s a real motivator and enforcer of tough love at that precise moment when you need a kick up your rear end. If fitness is a career, she is right where she’s supposed to be. As a certified trainer, she carries with her; years of experience in helping women achieve their fitness goals. She has the perfect shoulders to cry on, and a wide-open heart to help people through the emotionally demanding journey. Don’t ever speak or think ill towards animals; she might just land a 20kg dumbbell across your pretty face.


Animal Lover. Crafty Eyed. Potato Head.