our programs

All Coaching Packages Include:

– private coaching
– nutrition Guidance
– access to exclusive monthly educational content
– access to coaches forum
– complimentary entry to workshops
– discounted event tickets

1-1 private coaching

Personalised training program to get you to your specific goal.

Online coaching

Can’t train with us in-person? No problem.

small group private coaching

If you enjoy training with your partner or your friends but want a personalised touch and customised programming, our Small Group Private Coaching is for you

sports strength & conditioning

Looking to take your game to the next level while staying injury-free? Get your very own individualized training and nutrition program based on your sport and personal needs.

medical consultation

As advocates of holistic fitness training, we believe in assessing and understanding one’s physiology to optimize their nutrition, training and ultimately overall health which are directly correlated to one another.

corporate wellness programs & workshops

Our corporate wellness programs are tailored with an aim to increase employee’s awareness in health topics, inspire habit change, inculcate more connected and responsible individuals.

Postural Re-calibration

Our philosophy when it comes to re-calibrating the body is to go straight to the source: THE BRAIN.“ Stretching the tight muscles and strengthening the weak muscles” has no sustainable benefits if all they do is address the symptoms.

Online Fat-loss Bootcamp Play To Shred

We have created the 12-Week Play To Shred group coaching program which brings you affordable coaching while taking your individual needs into consideration……wherever you are in the world!

Nutrition Coaching

At The Playground, we believe in a holistic approach to fitness. In our experience, this is the ONLY way to make fitness sustainable for the long-run.

book my movement screening + fitness consultation

Discover how you can improve your fitness, movement quality and break plateaus through a safe and sustainable way.