postural re-calibration

Our philosophy when it comes to re-calibrating the body is to go straight to the source: THE BRAIN.

“Stretching the tight muscles and strengthening the weak muscles” has no sustainable benefits if all they do is address the symptoms. One must question why there is a lack of range of motion, feeling of tightness and non-optimal posture to begin with.

This is why we use a brain-based approach when it comes to enhancing the posture as The Brain controls EVERYTHING….literally!

This brain-based approach can help with:

- Head to toe joint alignment
- Increased muscular strength
- Uneven shoulders and hips
- Flat, supinated and pronated feet
- Weight distribution imbalance
- Forward head posture
- Increased range of motion
- Rounded shoulders

Price of the session: RM330

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This method is based on exercises that stimulate the brain for better alignment and proprioception. They are not meant to be therapeutic. However, clients who have gone through such exercises reported less discomfort/pain due to better full body alignment

Not at all. We do not provide any therapeutic physio therapy services. This method is based on safe exercises that target the brain for improved input quality which leads to improved output which is your posture and movement quality

We have recorded 4-10% of instant increase of strength based on our athletes. Once your posture improves, your body’s force generation ability also improves. There is no magic in this method.

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