Online Fat-loss Bootcamp
Play To Shred

So you have tried those youtube home workouts, free templates from your favourite fitness influencer, have bought into keto, low-carb and everything that seems to be the trend yet you are still struggling with achieving the lean body you want?

One thing that they all have in common is that they do not address the BIG PICTURE and YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS

This is why we have created the 12-Week Play To Shred group coaching program which brings you affordable coaching while taking your individual needs into consideration……wherever you are in the world!

Program starts

March 22nd

Sign up deadline

March 19th




Affordable Pricing

You will get the exact training system we use at The Playground that has stood the test of time with proven success while being easy on the pocket.


Bi Weekly Zoom Calls

Once every 2 weeks, we will do a group zoom call where you can ask all your nutrition, training and lifestyle-related questions from your coaches.


Nutrition Guidelines

Nutrition and training go hand in hand and cannot be separated. At the beginning of each cycle (1 cycle = 4 weeks), we will give you new nutrition guidelines in PDF format with actionable and easy-to-use steps.

App tracker

Performance Tracking via our Training App

Our program is delivered though a training app which you can take with you anywhere as long as you have a smart phone + internet connection. You can track your progress every session and see your improvements from cycle to cycle.


Access to coaches + Video Feedback

The training app gives you access to coaches where you can ask questions.

An exercise feels hard on your low back? Not sure if you are doing a certain movement correctly?

Take a video and message your coach on the app to receive feedback.

How it works


Registration + Initial Assessment

Once you sign up on this page, you will receive an email with instructions on how to fill up the initial questionnaires + submit the movement screening videos so that your coach ensures safe and effective program design for you!



There will be a zoom call with all the participants 2 days prior to the commencement of the program (usually on a Saturday) to brief everyone on the mechanics of this program. We highly recommend you attend this call. In case you cannot attend this’d not worry. We will record the call for everyone’s reference later on!


Required equipment

Barbell, Squat Rack , Weight Plates, Dumbbells, Adjustable Weights, Resistance Bands

*These are essential equipment which you should invest in to be able to do this program. You can either set up your own home gym with the equipment listed or use your local gym!

Online Fat-loss Bootcamp Play To Shred

RM 900

Program starts

March 22nd

Sign up deadline

March 19th



This program is NOT for total beginners, as in those who have never done strength training before. We highly recommend that you have at least 6 months of experience using weights and familiar with basic exercises and variations of lunges, squats, deadlifts, rows, presses and etc.

Nothing in life is guaranteed. We have a proven record of success with our training system which you can see here. We provide all the resources you need in order to maximise your body composition within 12 weeks

NO. You Cannot. You have to invest in the equipment listed above or have access to a gym with those basic equipment.*If you want to start this program but not sure where to get these equipment, reach out to us and we’ll help you.

There are 4 main weight training sessions + 2 optional yet highly recommended conditioning sessions.

You can reach out to us to describe your injuries in advance. Since this is a group coaching program, the program and exercises cannot be thoroughly individualised. We recommend seeking professional diagnosis and rehabilitation help from a medical expert prior to joining this program.