Nutrition coaching

At The Playground, we believe in a holistic approach to fitness. In our experience, this is the ONLY way to make fitness sustainable for the long-run.

It is no secret that nutrition plays an integral part when it comes to achieving your fitness goals.

In fact, without a nutrition plan, all the hours in the gym regardless of the methods, intensity, duration etc. will lead to suboptimal results only!

If you are interested in achieving a true body transformation, then a sound and progressive nutrition plan is a no-brainer.


How does this Nutrition Coaching work?


Step 1: Assessment

There will also be some forms such as an Initial Questionnaire and a 3-day food journal so that we can get to know you and have the necessary information about your body and lifestyle.


Step 2: Initial Consultation (Virtual)

Once we receive your data from step 1, your coach will schedule the first call to take you through the overview of the plan while discussing your needs and goals in detail.

What exactly is included in Nutrition Coaching?

Assessment & Initial Consultation

Progress Tracking & Monitoring Sheet With Actionable Weekly Habits

Bi-weekly Virtual Call With Your Coach

Access To Coach For Food Log Analysis

How much does it cost?

4-weeks package


Price exclude 6% SST

12-weeks package


(RM 349 monthly)

Price exclude 6% SST

Meet the coach

Ben Cheah



One of the very rare Chinese specimen, this bearded lad is indeed a welcomed addition. He’s fiercely soft and a true gentleman. Ben graduated with a Diploma in Physiotherapy and breathes in showing people the right method to apply in sustainable fitness habits. A proud Penang lad, loves the night life as much as being a homebody. He takes as long to warm-up as he does to pull a sentence together. Ben’s on a constant conquest in pushing his fitness limits and finding a solid balanced lifestyle.

Enjoys drinking, loves grinding weights and relish in being a couch potato .

Personable. Reserved . Perpetually Perplexing.

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