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Highly knowledgeable and always keen to help clients achieve their fitness goals, Sam is an absolute joy to train with. She knows just how far to push and challenge her clients; to help us grow while keeping our motivation high. Sam is also the best cheerleader, supporting her clients and celebrating every small win and milestone.   I was never one to think of working out or training as ‘fun’, But having trained with Sam for almost a year now, my whole attitude and outlook on fitness has evolved to become something I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to – four times a week!! Sam also makes time for her clients, listening to every concern and query and checking in to see that we’re eating and sleeping right, and on track with our goals.   I do believe that 99% of my attitude shift was because of Sam’s encouragement and non-judgmental manner; helping me get stronger and fitter without ever making me feel like it was an unattainable goal for someone like me.  Sam is also super attentive and conscientious, observing every move and correcting my form when necessary to ensure that I am injury-free. With Sam I know I’m in good hands, as I know she always has my best interest at heart. I look forward to continue growing under her guidance. An AMAZING coach, and a perfect fit for me. Thank you Playground for pairing us together!!


Meet the coach

Sam Tan

THE FIGHTER ATHLETE | @serious.sam.tan




This visual and martial artist is a well-rounded fitness coach, equipped with essential

knowledge and experience in transforming one’s physique through a mix of strength and kickboxing training. Her petite physique may be deceiving but she can surely throw punches better than most men. Get her in your corner to knock out any challenges you have and come out winning like a champ with an athletically fit body and mind.


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