initial consultation
+ movement screening

You will need to understand the WHYs and HOWs before you embark on your fitness adventure or put your trust in your personal trainer and the program itself.

“Always listen to your body” is a good mantra to live by and by listening, it also means that you’ll need to understand your physical abilities and restrictions. No one program is suitable for everyone, and this is the prerequisite chat you need to undergo with your selected coach.

Be it either any movement limitations, or weak muscles that are indicative of increased risk of injury, or even inefficient movement that causes reduced performance, all clients will be taken into these screening before the start of their programs. That’s when our Movement Screening gets into action.

Movement screening ensures:

Training safety

Customisation of your fitness goals

Personalisation of your training program

Training efficiency

Injury prevention

Get on this journey of improving your fitness, movement quality, overcoming obstacles, achieving and living your physical being.

Important Notice: Coaches who are currently fully booked will not appear on the list