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As advocates of holistic fitness training, we believe in assessing and understanding one’s physiology to optimise their nutrition, training and ultimately overall health which are directly correlated to one another.

At The Playground, we believe in the FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE approach which, unlike conventional medicine, looks much deeper into the root cause of health issues rather than a surface-level look at symptoms only.

Lifestyle and nutritional intervention make up a large portion of the functional medicine approach which explains the high rate of success this model of medicine has when it comes to treating chronic life-style induced diseases.


Dr. Krish, our in-house medical practitioner takes a comprehensive treatment approach based on series of thorough assessments and in-depth initial consultation.

general test available

Comprehensive functional medicine assessment

Coronary heart disease risk assessment and prognosis

Digestive health analysis and assessment

Liver health and Detoxification analysis and assessment

Diabetic assessment and prognosis

Adrenal health and stress analysis and assessment

Male and female hormonal analysis and assessment

Antioxidant and Vitamin analysis and assessment

Heavy metal and toxic element analysis and assessment

Nutregenomic analysis and assessment

Allergy testing

Gluten sensitivity analysis

* More specific tests based on your initial consultation will be advised by Dr. Krish.
We mainly use Australian and American labs for higher reliability.

Please note that Dr. Krish is only available for consultation through appointments on Wednesdays and Saturdays 9 AM to 6 PM.

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