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At The Playground, PT sessions are personalised unlike many other commercial gyms that program their sessions based on body parts without understanding our body. They do movement screening to gauge and understand our level of strength, flexibility and movement limitations and program our sessions accordingly. My coach Dennis, goes the extra mile by understanding my sleep quality, diet and energy level and further adjusts the intensity of our sessions. Of course, he pushes me to my limits while observing my form to prevent injuries. Most importantly, Dennis explains in detail and the reasons behind every program. The coaches here are also required to constantly attend seminars/classes to ensure they have new ways to train (torture) us while pushing us to another level. 
As a legal practitioner, it can be challenging to commit to the programs and be disciplined at times but Dennis has not given up on me. He is quite a perfectionist and a good spotter too! I’m amazed by his professionalism and attitude. He constantly checks on my form and focuses on my breathing technique and makes sure that I don’t cheat (I thought I was good at it…) Thank You, Sifu. I hope I will have another stage of transformation and make you proud. 
My initial plan was to complete just one package and leave. But the truth is, I am still with The Playground after a year, and need I say more? I came to The Playground with the worst shape of my life and I hope to walk out from The Playground in the best shape of my life one day.

Meet the coach

Dennis Pang



This Novice Lightweight Bodybuilding Champion brings his American dream, back to

Malaysia. From the early years of competing in sports and bodybuilding, he has an arsenal of tools to help you carve your dream body. Dennis specializes in strength and hypertrophic-specific training – he will not only transform your body, but your mindset too. He is a firm believer that a strong and positive mindset is the key to living a healthier and happier life. With his guidance, there is nothing you can’t achieve.

Rice Lover. Acrophobic. Excellent Coffee Runner.