The Playground Combine 29th – 30th Sept.


The Playground Combine was created to “humble” everyone.

It was held right in our Playground over 2 days of the last weekend of September.which saw over 35 athletes both male and female came from all over the region and various training disciplines such as crossfit and powerlifting.

What did we mean by “humble” everyone?

Well, this fitness challenge event did not favour any training discipline in particular since Strength, Power, Speed and Endurance were all the components that were tested. Take powerlifters for example, they certainly struggled with the test of endurance as predicted since they spend most of their time training heavy lifts! Crossfitters would be at a disadvantage with heavy lifts compared to powerlifters and the dead hang pull ups were quite a struggle since kipping wasn’t allowed.

The Playground is not a gym. In fact, it was our vision for The Playground to be a platform for like minded individuals coming together to share, inspire and grow and #playgroundcombine was one of the many events we put up to achieve  one of our missions. No matter where you were from and what training discipline you took part, we saw keen participants had a Fun-tastic experience over the two day event.

We look forward to having the next #playground combine with even more athletes participating in this one of its kind event!

If you are in Kuala Lumpur, please get in touch with us for a tour around our space and have a coffee after perhaps?

*Great shots by coach Danial Mahathir who isn’t just an outstanding coach, but has a keen eye for photography!

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