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– Youngest Malaysian Tennis Player to acquire an ITF Ranking
– Only Malaysian who has qualified for Les Petits As
We are so fortunate Hayden has had the opportunity to work with Nick for the last 2 years. We have seen enormous improvement in Hayden’s physical condition especially his strength and power. His improved physical development has allowed Hayden to achieve greater success in competitions making him one of the best Under 14 junior tennis players in Asia. More importantly Nick is not just a physical trainer to Hayden but he is as much a mentor and role model to him”. Hayden Menon age 14 is the son of Suresh Menon (National coach of Malaysia) and Khoo Chin Bee (former Malaysian national tennis player).


Meet the coach

Nick Hedayatpour

STRENGTH ARTIST | @strengthartist1


He COACHES the coaches.

The National Ice Hockey player has multi-faceted credentials in strength coaching, pre and post rehabilitation programs and sports performance optimization.

He dedicates his time in simplifying the geekiest studies and methods of fitness while staying on top of research and best practices in strength training, functional medicine and nutrition from around the globe.

This Program Director of Playground is a sought after speaker and a well-rounded coach.

Musically Inclined. Heavy Metal Junkie. Astronomy Aficionado.