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Former Malaysian National Martial Artist

Since I had my shoulder partially dislocated more than 10 times in the past, I had finally found a coach whom I can trust fully to develop a program suitable for my recovery process. The training also reduced my risk of getting further injuries as my body needn’t compensate for weaker muscles due to imbalances from poor posture or under-use of certain muscle groups over my years of training as an athlete. 
Working with Nick has certainly made me aware that strength training isn’t just about 
physical confidence, it is for longevity. It is an investment that is overlooked by many and it is about time we shifted towards this perception for a better quality of life.

Meet the coach

Nick Hedayatpour

STRENGTH ARTIST | @strengthartist1


He COACHES the coaches.

The National Ice Hockey player has multi-faceted credentials in strength coaching, pre and post rehabilitation programs and sports performance optimization.

He dedicates his time in simplifying the geekiest studies and methods of fitness while staying on top of research and best practices in strength training, functional medicine and nutrition from around the globe.

This Program Director of Playground is a sought after speaker and a well-rounded coach.

Musically Inclined. Heavy Metal Junkie. Astronomy Aficionado.