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Have you ever met someone and thought “This person is CRAY!” with a mix of fear and excitement at the same time? Your brain goes “Hell NO” but your heart’s like “Oh YES!”? That’s how I felt when I met Sara.  The definitive moment? She was a new coach at Playground and I was attending her Powerplay class for the first time. As a warm up, she made us run up and down 6 flights of stairs, followed immediately with 20 burpees, 20 jump squats and 20 mountain climbers or something sadistic like that (details are hazy because sis was struggling to stay alive, ok?).
Despite her making me contemplate my mortality on our first meet, I went back, I worked and I wept painful salty tears of sweat, again and again and again.   If you think that’s intense, I’m here to tell you that you’re not wrong. Sara’s intense. It’s exactly why I chose to PT with her. But not in the way that you would imagine. She’ll make you work, that’s for sure, and she expects to receive nothing less than 100% effort but she never does this in a pushy, intimidating way.   In fact, she’s one of the nicest, most positive beings that I’ve had the luck to meet. Her energy is infectious and when training after a long day at work, her hype(wo)man quality is exactly what gets me through my first set to my very last rep.
You didn’t think her IG handle was @fullofsaratonin for shits and giggles, did you?  Sara’s inspiring. She’s a coach who’s been there, done that having lost a whopping 12kgs in the past year. She’s a living, walking, breathing testament to working out the right way and who better to learn from than experience itself even if it’s not my own. It’s only been a month since I started training with Sara and I’ve already progressed so much in this short span time of time (split squats are no longer the enemy!) that I can’t wait to see where my journey with her will take me fitness-wise (fingers crossed to my chin & pull-ups!).   In the vein of saving the best for last, let it be known that Sara has the BEST playlist out of all the PG coaches. Soz guys, you know I love all of you but real talk tho, if you like your beats hard and your base down low, your bars hot and you’re all about that dope flow, SARA’S YO GURL. That’s all. Holla.


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Sara "Saratonin"

BUBBLY BABY | @fullofsaratonin




She left one of the world’s most profitable industry and gamble it on her passionate pursuit in fitness. If her highs are on seeing people succeed in achieving their fitness goals, the gamble will pay off. Sara’s natural traits of going above and beyond her ways to help others and her continuous positive bubbly self in motivating her peers, are all platinum points for her role as both a fitness coach and also as project officer. She’ll transform your mindset first and foremost, and burn the negativity therein after. Sara loves laughs and the world laughs with her. She’s funny, skippy and witty…simply put, a human ball of sunshine.


Moans with adrenaline. Lift to leap. Fun Enthusiast