January 20


11:00 am - 01:00 pm

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High achievers, athletes, high performers, business owners, entrepreneurs and highly-driven people…..Take advantage of this workshop to go further in your game. 

Sleep is probably the most under-utilised tool to sharpen the brain, increase productivity and income, enhance endocrine system, accelerate recovery, strengthen immune system and etc……

This workshop will provide you with practical tools and information on sleep optimization that you can implement in your life immediately to rip the benefits of high quality sleep. 

You will learn:

– The relationship between high quality sleep, productivity and income. 
– Correlation between brain chemistry and circadian rhythm and its impact on sleep.
– How nutrition affects sleep quality and how to overcome deficiencies through nutrition and supplementation. 
– Habits & Mind tricks to achieve better sleep quality to enhance body functions and recovery. 

1) I don’t seem to have sleeping problems. Will this workshop still benefit me?
Absolutely. Many people think the quality of their sleep is good until they implement the lessons from this workshop. They instantly report better quality sleep, accelerated recovery and having more energy overall.
There is a huge difference between optimal sleep and normal sleep. Just like blood work, many doctors report that certain markers are normal but normal is not good enough for the highly-driven athlete or business owner who need to function at their best for extended periods of time.

2) Will it be very theoretical? Do I need a science background?
Not at all. This workshop aims to equip you with PRACTICAL TOOLS you can immediately implement into your lifestyle without having to learn the science behind it.

3) Who can benefit from this workshop?
Anyone who is looking for an edge to stay ahead of others.
The lessons presented in this workshop have been used by high-level athletes at olympic and world championship level, doctors improving patients’ health through sleep and billionaires adding revenue to their giant companies.
Take action to stay ahead of others

Speaker: Nick Hedayatpour 
Strength & Nutrition Coach

***Free of Charge for The Playground Fitness Clients. 

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