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Bench Press Workshop – The High Performance Workshop Series


February 23


11:45 am - 02:45 pm

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The Playground Fitness

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Bench Press, often referred to as the “KING” of upperbody exercise, has been around since the beginning of time purely due to its enormous ability to promote upperbody STRENGTH and MUSCULAR gain.

Yet, so many people have failed to live up to the outcome they deserved to achieve from Bench Pressing regardless of the hardwork they put in. Even worse, this KING of upperbody exercise has received bad rap for sustaining injuries amongst those who lack safe practice knowledge.

Truth to be told, everyone has the ability to perfect this somewhat technical move to start reaping great results and never again having to shy away from Bench Press and resort to non effective exercises which give you minuscule results.

In this 3 Hour Bench Press workshop conducted by Powerlifting Coach Riz, you will

  1. Discover why Bench Press is the go-to exercise you wouldn’t want to miss to exponentially increase your upperbody strength and stimulate muscular gain.

  2. Understand in depth of the Anatomy and Biomechanics involved during Bench Press.

  3. Master the crucial steps mandatory for Bench Press to be safe and effective for you. (setting up, grip technique, the lift off, descent and ascent)

  4. Bust common mistakes that you will never have to experience.

  5. Take on a well thought out Bench Press Program designed by Coach Riz in the final section of the workshop in order for you to instantly apply the safest and most effective technique you have just mastered.

Who should attend this workshop?
+ Individuals who are looking to effectively increase upperbody strength gain and muscle growth

+ Individuals who shy away from Bench Press to avoid potential risk of injuries

+ Individuals who are looking to breakthrough plateau in Bench Press progression

+ Individuals who are unsure of their current Bench Press knowledge

About the Workshop Leader

Coach Riz, Strength and Powerlifting Coach of The Playground Fitness specializes in helping individuals to solve the biggest challenge of all time – the inability to achieve outstanding strength gain wtihin a time frame given. He believes that it is not about WHAT you do, but HOW you do it when it comes to strength training. Coach Riz’s precise attention to detail in strength training has given him and his clients the unfair advantage to reap massive results throughout the course of training. Also a high level competitor in the Powerlifting and Crossfit scene in Malaysia, he has established himself as the most trusted Strength Coach amongst dedicated individuals who settle for nothing less than outstanding experience and results in trainings.


How many tickets available for this event?


What should I wear to the event?

Comfortable workout outfits.

What can I bring into the event?

Water bottle for hydration, notebook, pen, 

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Not at all. But please get your Eventbrite QR code ready to be scanned.

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Please bring along your Touch N Go card with a minimum of RM20 credit for parking purposes.

Parking is in B1. We are on Level 2 Retail which is right above La Juiceria Cafe.

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