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Professional Hockey Player, Hong Kong Premium League

“I started working with Nick in July 2019 during my off-season in Kuala Lumpur. 
I asked him to address some problem areas and continue to develop my S&C for the duration 
of my stay in Malaysia — approximately 1 month. During this period I was so impressed with his work and dedication that I decided to continue working remotely with Nick. It’s been great working with Nick for the past 6 months, his program has brought my body back to optimal health: he fixed and alleviated a shoulder problem I have been having for the past few seasons. He has not only made me a more powerful athlete, he has rejuvenated my body in the process and addressed areas which I felt needed improving. 
He’s a great guy, tremendously dedicated to his work. he is very fun to be around but serious when it is time to train. I cannot recommend Nick enough, from the professional athlete to executives, Nick is your guy! Looking forward to returning to KL in the future to continue working with him. Thanks for everything Nick.”

Meet the coach

Nick Hedayatpour

STRENGTH ARTIST | @strengthartist1


He COACHES the coaches.

The National Ice Hockey player has multi-faceted credentials in strength coaching, pre and post rehabilitation programs and sports performance optimization.

He dedicates his time in simplifying the geekiest studies and methods of fitness while staying on top of research and best practices in strength training, functional medicine and nutrition from around the globe.

This Program Director of Playground is a sought after speaker and a well-rounded coach.

Musically Inclined. Heavy Metal Junkie. Astronomy Aficionado.