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A healthy work environment is one that is safe, empowering, and satisfying.

It is not merely the absence of real and perceived threats to health, but a place of physical, mental and social well-being, supporting optimal health and safety.

Our corporate wellness programs are tailored with an aim to:

1. Increase employee’s awareness in health topics
2. Inspire habit change
3. Inculcate more connected and responsible individuals.

Our objectives are to assist companies in managing the escalated medical treatment and expenditures via monitored, result-oriented wellness strategies based on the specific needs of your corporation.

corporate programs

1 year program

The 1-year program is superior as it addresses the biggest challenge corporations face when it comes to wellness: SUSTAINABILITY!

As our slogan “empowering you to adopt fitness as lifestyle” suggests, we believe that fitness should be a crucial aspect of an individual’s lifestyle for long-lasting positive changes. Otherwise, it is always a grind that does not take priority.

Our 1-year curriculum is designed to allow individuals to build a habits-based fitness regimen in a progresssive and sustainable manner.

6 months program

The 6-months program has the same structure of the full 1-year program. The only difference is that due to the shorter duration, only 50% of the curriculum will be completed.

Both programs include

Weekly fitness training

Quarterly fitness talks

Nutrition coaching

Online monthly fitness lifestyle education

corporate talks

Our corporate talks are designed to educate employees on various health and fitness topics such as:

Fitness Mindset Development - A sustainable Approach

Fat-loss Nutrition and Supplementation

Blood Sugar Management for Fitness

Adrenal Health for Fitness

Sleep Hygiene for Fitness

Gut Health for Fitness

Thyroid Health for Fitness

Anti-aging and longevity

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