ready to play?

Speed. Power. Strength. Endurance.
Put the four pillars to the test.

The Playground Combine
28 & 29 Sept 2019
7AM - 6PM

The Playground combine

what is the playground combine?

Do you think you are fast and strong enough?

The Playground Combine is a true test to one’s fitness ability, it tests your speed, strength, power and endurance.

Our goal is to unite athletes from various backgrounds from around the globe to compete side by side with our home grown athletes.

We also want to spread the knowledge and benefits of strength training to inspire the public to live a healthier lifestyle.

You see a runner, a cross fitter, a power-lifter will rarely cross paths due to their different styles of training but with The Playground Combine, we’ve made it possible for athletes from different backgrounds to showcase their penchant for strength and resilience of will.

So register now and get prepped to test yourself at The Playground Combine.

when is the playground combine?

The Playground Combine will be held at APW, Bangsar on the 28th and 29th of September 2019, 7AM – 6PM.

Besides hosting the competition, the event is open to public on both days and there will be booths and activities going on the whole day. We will be Collaborating with the local fitness brand, theme is anything and everything health and wellness related.

If you are looking for a healthy weekend out, be sure to drop by!

participant requirement

Open to both male and female of all ages. Requirement of at least 1 year training age.

Participants are required to pick only ONE category to compete. We strongly advise to go through the events to select the appropriate category to compete.

The Playground combine categories

  • Elite
  • Professional
  • Amateur
  • Elite
  • Professional
  • Amateur


Prize purses to be won! More details coming soon!

Event 1 -speed & POWER

  • 10m sprint
  • Med ball throw

event 2 - strength

  • Overhead press
  • Front squat
  • Ring chin up
  • Deadlift – sumo / conventional

event 3 - Strongman

    • Sled pull
    • Farmer’s walk
    • Tyre flip


event 4 - endurance

  • 300 yard shuttle run

special event

Car / Truck pull

Unite with athletes from around the globe
at the playground combine

venue: art printing works sdn. bhd.
(APW Bangsar)




+603 2715 9295