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Better known as the physique transformation specialist has a proven track record of transforming lives of many throughout the Australasia region. A highly passionate and dedicated coach who has competed in the sport of Judo and Bodybuilding is here to instill you with confidence and belief every step of the way in your fitness journey.

Not just a coach, but an explosive all round athlete. You guessed it right, he goes by the name of Riz.

From a competing Mixed Martial Artist turned to a competitive CrossFit and Powerlifting athlete, Riz draws inspiration from his brutal but rewarding training from his several years of competition experience.

Having gone through a physical transformation himself, he is ever ready to guide you on your fitness journey.

He’s not your typical big man but then, TYPICAL is not his daily phrase.

Powered by fried chicken.
Constantly Hungry.
Swears by Heavy Lifting.

The Spicy Dare Devil, Per-Li lives by the mantra of women empowerment, self-love, strength and confidence through beauty. Specializes in strength training & body transformation, she is also a huge believer of physical and mental wellness. This daring go-getter believes that there is nothing our body can’t achieve, it’s our mind we have to convince.

Perli is driven to push anyone out of their comfort zone.

Sassy and spicy with colorful body art, she is certainly someone you can’t un-see.

Catalyst of Equality.
Selfie Junkie.
Coffee Lover.

Who is our All Rounder, Boy Next Door, Trustworthy, Reliable and Passionate coach?

Familiarize yourself with this unassuming local boy Charles who is ripped on the abs but soft at Heart.

He’s passionate in helping others in achieving a balanced lifestyle that encompasses all dimensions of health and wellness. With an extensive background in coaching, he lives in creating a training environment that will motivate and empower individuals for challenging yet rewarding lifestyles.

At The Playground, you might see him hop with the kids, jam with the bros and chill with the elders as part of his day!

Avid Sweet Tooth
Spartan Athlete
Solo Traveler

Tiny in stature, big on adventure.

This petite fire breather is potent, unconventional yet approachable.

A highly ranked athlete in CrossFit within the region and a sought after Performance Coach, she has what it takes to propel your physique and performance to new heights.

Her signature program named the ST Protocol is one that will best suit trainees looking for perfect lifting techniques while getting into the best shape of their lives. She can flex, she can split and she can surely stretch your boundaries.

Adventurous Explorer.
Artistic Director.
Perpetual Giggler.

The Fighter Athlete who is fearless. Artsy. Punchy.

This visual and martial artist is a well-rounded fitness coach, equipped with essential knowledge and experience in transforming one’s physique through a mix of strength and kickboxing training. Her petite physique may be deceiving but she can surely throw punches better than most men. Get her in your corner to knock out any challenges you have and come out winning like a champ with an athletically fit body and mind.

(I’m not sure what this means) Breaths in dogs, food and books.
Insatiably Curious.
Everyone’s Dream Cook.

The Man Puppy who’s also known as triple E: ENTERTAINER. EXTRA. EBULLIENT.

This bubbly baby of fitness is running at the speed of the ultimate driving machine – fast, reliable and undoubtedly with superior class. Danial has both the passion and determination to get you to where you want to be. Regardless of the times where you feel like you can’t make it, his voice will always be there to guide you. With a penchant for technique and an addiction to making people smile, you can rest assured that you’ll have a great coach and a reliable friend in Dan.

Rock Climber & Photographer.
Fueled by Happiness.

Confused American, Malaysian Born Singaporean who’s a bodybuilder that’s positive and extrovertly introvert.

This Novice Lightweight Bodybuilding Champion brings his American dream, back to Malaysia. From the early years of competing in sports and bodybuilding, he has an arsenal of tools to help you carve your dream body. Dennis specializes in strength and hypertrophic-specific training – he will not only transform your body, but your mindset too.

He is a firm believer that a strong and positive mindset is the key to living a healthier and happier life. With his guidance, there is nothing you can’t achieve.

Rice Lover.
Excellent Coffee Runner.