Online Chin-up Training Course

Be among the first batch of coaches to have access to proven training methods to optimise chin-up performance for your clients + A special discount.

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As a professional coach, the only thing that matters, is the ability to help your clients reach their desired goals.

Chin-ups have gained a lot of popularity among trainees specially female clients and are an excellent way of measuring relative strength.

Are you struggling with the lack of progress in your clients’ ability to get their very first chin up… and you’re feeling a little frustrated deep down as a coach?

Finally a PROVEN blueprint to help your clients to go from chin down (no pun intended) to CHIN UP!

In this Online Chin Up Training Course for coaches, you will:


Discover the common mistakes coaches make when programming chin-up progressions such as using resistance-bands, focusing on just Pulldowns and Rowing exercises etc. and WHY you SHOULD AVOID them if you want RESULTS!


Master the principles of Chin-Up training to build a strong foundation which allows you to diagnose the exact reason why a trainee is not progressing and come up with an individualised training plan


Become the most logical choice in the eyes of the market when it comes to helping clients to achieve their chin ups simply by plugging and playing the Done-For-You 12 Week Chin-Up Specialisation Program which is a no brainer for any coach who wants to stand out in the competitive industry.

Here's the course curriculum:

  • Importance of Chin-ups training programs
  • limiting factors
  • Most common mistakes
  • Optimization 
  • Mobility Assessment 
  • Mobility Drills 
  • Strength Assessment
  • Teaching proper technique
  • Effective cues
  • Phase 1 Methods + Target
  • Phase 2 Methods + Target
  • Phase 3 Methods + Target
  • How to keep progress
  • Loading schemes
  • Making sense of the data you collect

This Fully-Online course will cover everything you need to know to get your beginner trainees from ZERO chin-ups to doing REPS.

Video Lecture

2.5 hours of video lecture compatible on all devices

Downloadable Program

A completely done-for-you Chin Up specialisation program


A certificate of completion after passing the final quiz


Is this course only for coaches?

This course is mainly designed with the coaches in mind as you need to have a basic understanding in anatomy, programming and exercise technique. However, fitness enthusiast who’d like to increase their knowledge in chin up training can also enrol in this course.

Will I receive a textbook?

This is a video-based online course. All the materials will be stored in your dashboard which you can come back to anytime to have access to the course. In section 6, there will be a downloadable PDF for the 12-week Chin Up Specialisation Program.

Do you guarantee results?

Nothing in life is guaranteed. The methods presented in this course have stood the test of time and at The Playground, 30+ clients have used the exact methods from this course to go from 0 chin up to doing reps.

Is this course refundable?

No. This course is NOT refundable.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes. After finishing the final exam, you will receive a certificate of completion