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Malaysia National Ice Hockey Player

“When coach Nick fist started working with me in 2014, I was not a very strong nor a fast ice hockey player.  I even had doubts about myself that i’m not going to be a fit player in the future. 
But after months of hard work with coach Nick, I started to realise that I’m taking those shots harder, skate a lot faster, becoming more agile and could adapt quicker to different situations in the game due to my increased fitness and toughness. This eventually led to winning several best forward awards locally and internationally. I’m really grateful for coach Nick’s guidance to build a solid athletic development foundation for me which has kept me strong while injury-free”

Meet the coach

Nick Hedayatpour

STRENGTH ARTIST | @strengthartist1


He COACHES the coaches.

The National Ice Hockey player has multi-faceted credentials in strength coaching, pre and post rehabilitation programs and sports performance optimization.

He dedicates his time in simplifying the geekiest studies and methods of fitness while staying on top of research and best practices in strength training, functional medicine and nutrition from around the globe.

This Program Director of Playground is a sought after speaker and a well-rounded coach.

Musically Inclined. Heavy Metal Junkie. Astronomy Aficionado.