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We have been training with Danial for about 3 months and overall our experience has been overwhelmingly positive. We train with him about 2-3 times per week. Goals were set right at the start and he tailored a program for the both of us to meet them, planning our exercise routine and diet plan. We reviewed our progress throughout the exercise cycles and made changes accordingly if we weren’t on the right track.
Our sessions with him are always light hearted and fun, but he is always professional and makes sure we complete our exercises and also always pushing our physical limits each and every session.
The both of us share a session, but Danial manages to split his attention well between us to make sure we both get the maximum amount of support and motivation we need, at the right moment. Danial even manages to give us some of his personal time to tend us when we are training on our own or even when training at home.
There’s not much else we could ask of Danial and we will happily continue training with him. We highly recommend training with Dan!

Meet the coach

Danial Mahathir

THE MAN PUPPY | @trainingwithdan



This bubbly baby of fitness is running at the speed of the ultimate driving machine – fast, reliable and undoubtedly with superior class. Dan has both the passion and

determination to get you to where you want to be. Regardless of the times where you feel like you can’t make it, his voice will always be there to guide you. With a penchant for technique and an addiction to making people smile, you can rest assured that you’ll have a great coach and a reliable friend in Dan.


Rock Climber & Photographer. Fueled by Happiness. Songbird.