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Malaysian National Speed Skater | Gold Medalist at 2019 SEA Games 
After an accident during my training in Korea, I was unable to walk and do any strenuous activities. Once my physio gave me the green light to start back my training, I needed a coach who would understand my weakness and strength, but also assist in my rehabilitation. I know that if I trained on my own, I might risk further injuries so I needed a qualified coach to design my training program.
I am so glad I’ve met Nick. He put in so much time and effort into tailoring a program that would suit me. Every session, I left with more motivation to work on my strength. I was very enthusiastic and excited! Nick makes the training really fun, not like other trainers that makes you feel like you’re doing a boot camp. Thanks to Nick, I made so much improvement and I was strong enough to get back on the ice and skate fast again.

Meet the coach

Nick Hedayatpour

STRENGTH ARTIST | @strengthartist1


He COACHES the coaches.

The National Ice Hockey player has multi-faceted credentials in strength coaching, pre and post rehabilitation programs and sports performance optimization.

He dedicates his time in simplifying the geekiest studies and methods of fitness while staying on top of research and best practices in strength training, functional medicine and nutrition from around the globe.

This Program Director of Playground is a sought after speaker and a well-rounded coach.

Musically Inclined. Heavy Metal Junkie. Astronomy Aficionado.