About us

We swear on RESULTS, we breathe by QUALITY and we operate by our PEOPLE.

Playground is a coaching facility that caters for high achievers, delivering quality, experience and exclusivity as our key offerings. Playground's edge has always been the multi-faceted offerings it extends - from being a platform for fitness coaches to elevate their coaching careers, to a home where the clients go through an experiential fitness journey.

Going by the tagline of “When Fitness & Lifestyle Come into PLAY

Playground came to deliver transformative results in health and fitness through an enhanced and personalised fitness experience.

It was set-up in late 2017, with 3 core value propositions:



Empowering people to adopt fitness as a lifestyle



Providing a holistic fitness facilitation



Transforming Malaysia and Malaysians towards a healthful nation

our coaching philosophy


Individualising the training plan based on your goals & needs


Sustainable nutrition habits to fuel and recover from training sessions while taking you closer to your performance, body composition and health goals


A significant aspect of a holistic fitness plan to recharge and restore to promote well-functioning bodily systems for optimal performance and body composition


Programming the mind through a habits-based system for a laser-like focus on the behaviours that lead to the ultimate goal

Today, Playground has positioned itself, as one of the leading and premier boutique private training facilities in Kuala Lumpur.

This is by no means any other gym or fitness space - this is where a Coach coaches Coaches, corporate wellness is advocated, Fitness Retreat is an Escape Play and athletes and community are a COMBINEd affair.