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Many have failed to achieve what they set out to accomplish let it be health, fitness, business or career.

It’s not because they haven’t worked hard, in fact, they might have put in more than enough resources in their attempts.

The only problem is, much effort has been put into working on things that did not have much impact on getting you there, but rather, more and more frustrations accumulated and everyone’s patience has its limit.

At The Playground Boutique Fitness Personal Training Studio, each and every Personal Trainer has the ability to mentor you when it comes to exercise movement execution and nutrition guidance. We have a Fail-Proof-Success-Driven Blueprint to get you to where you strive to be in order to live a larger life being fitter and healthier..

As honesty is the best policy in any successful business practices, we do not believe in selling the trend to YOU. We believe in providing training system that is scientifcally proven and has stood the test of time because longevity is the game we are most interested in playing together with YOU. Every personal trainer onboard shares the similar belief and constantly fulfilling the needs of our clients with unparalleled work ethic and professionalism.

You’ll be under the care of your preferred Professional Personal Trainer who will work with you one to one throughout your entire fitness journey. Let it be physique sculpting, strength training, mobility work, rehabilitation or athlete performance training, each of our personal trainer has the specialty to cater for your needs.

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