3 Ways You Are Already Sabotaging Your Fitness Resolutions

Every second we are granted to breathe and live should be a moment we can start fresh and make changes. There shouldn’t be the need to make New Year’s resolutions anymore. The new year should just be a milestone in life where we reflect on experiences gained, lessons learnt and learn to embrace what lies ahead.We all make new year’s resolutions with the hope of keeping them and improving ourselves but it’s just a vicious cycle, and the reality is that after a couple of months we fail to follow through for many reasons. But, what is the real reason we fail and why do only a handful of people manage to sustain and achieve their goals? How do we go from being highly motivated to setting ourselves up for failure over and over again?

3 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Resolutions:

1. False belief
You’re at the beach and you see someone with an amazing physique, the kind you really want. There’s that little voice in your head saying negative things like, “This person has no life and spends all their time focused on getting that body.” Or you may even go as far as saying, “I was born big-boned and genetics are against me,” and completely write yourself off from becoming who you want to be. The best way to overcome this negativity is to ask yourself if this is true and be brutally honest when answering. 70% of success is based on mindset and once you understand this, make sure you stay on the right path to achieve your goals.

2. Waiting to feel motivated
Motivation is overrated and doesn’t last, so don’t rely on it—that’s the harsh truth. Understand the simple formula behind motivation—motive and action. Set a clear intention and purpose that resonates with you and take the necessary action to achieve small victories. By achieving these, you will feel a sense of accomplishment that will encourage you to do more.It’s what humans have been doing over thousands of years of evolution. Reaping rewards propels us forward and makes us want to achieve more. Start doing, stop waiting and you will see that positive change will happen—success breeds success.

3. Not having a proper routine
You want to be leaner and fitter, but this won’t happen just by hitting the gym and changing the way you eat. To be sustainably successful, habits and routines must be transformed and adhered to. Are you sleeping in all the time? Are you binging on Netflix every night and not having a good night’s rest? Does your sedentary lifestyle leave you feeling so lethargic you can’t be bothered with the gym after work? Do you turn to stimulants to relieve stress on a regular basis?

It’s crucial to have a daily mental and physical strengthening routine. Try morning meditation, power breathing exercises or even incantations to encourage positive mental and physiological change. Dedicate a part of the day to perform a self-check to ensure stress is managed and that our body is receiving the necessary nutrients, hydration and movement. Improve sleep quality by keeping a log of what you’re grateful for. A good night’s sleep means your body metabolises better the next day and proper food choices are made.
The good news is that you are fully capable of becoming fitter, stronger, leaner and healthier at any moment in your life. Forget about new year’s resolutions, procrastination and excuses (a common one being “work is so hectic!”). Transforming your health and fitness is not the end game, but rather the way to enhance your relationships, career and lifestyle. There is no failure, only feedback to help you grow and take every experience as either a chance to learn or celebrate. 
Have an amazing 2019 and see you on the other side!

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